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The Scuadra XpoGrey exposure card has received a Top Achat (Best Buy) and an evaluation of 85/100 in "Réponses Photo" magazine.



XpoGrey Exposure Grey Chart

To satisfy any kind of photographers and whatever their photography practice can be, the Scuadra XpoGrey exposure card is declined in two complementary sizes.


   Guaranteed values

Individually Measured

Each exposure card is determined with a spectrophotometer. The grey of the main area in the Scuadra XpoGrey exposure card is 18% medium grey guaranteed. The values of the grey levels are written on each area to the front side of the card*.

Gris 18%


   Multi format

Silverbased and digital photography

The Scuadra XpoGrey exposure card can be easily used as well on all silver-based kinds photography to digital photography (tif, raw or jpg).


Worldwide Shipping

Secure Paiment & 100% Satisfaction

   Scuadra XpoGrey : Exposure Grey Card

Most of the cameras use a light measurement device to guarantee the best exposure to the pictures, to assure the best balance of details as in the low to the high lights.


Mastering the pictures exposure

Scuadra XpoGrey

Despite the relative accuracy of automatic functioning (spot metering, center-weighted and matrix metering), the use of an exposure card could be useful, indeed essential.

On indoor or outdoor shot, the Scuadra XpoGrey exposure card is used as a referential to define in the best way the optimum exposure for all the pictures.

A single spot metering on the main area (18% medium grey area) is enough to find the optimum exposure for every kind of subject, in all shot situations.

18% Medium Grey

Gris 18% garanti

The photometric calculation data for an optimum exposure of sensitive surfaces (emulsion or sensor) are determined with an 18% grey. This means a grey reflecting 18% of the light received. Today, every camera photocells or photosensitive devices are still adjusted on this 18% grey.

On production or postproduction, a grey levels scale permits to control very accurately the exposure of the pictures. It covers an exposure of -2 IL to +3 IL by half diaphragm increment (of -2 to +2 IL XpoGrey Compact). For example, when the clearest or darkest patches are too similar, it shows significantly when a picture is over or under-exposed.

To satisfy professional exigencies, all the areas (main area and levels scale) are measured with a spectrophotometer. The targeted values are known and written on the Lab zone under each grey area*.


Grey scale


Professional quality and all-terrain

Thanks to his dull surface, the XpoGrey exposure card reduce brilliance and glares to the minimum to give to the user a great work flexibility.

Dimensions of the Scuadra XpoGrey are 180x115 mm (7.1x4.5 inches) for the medium size and 90x55mm (3.5x2.2 inches) for the compact size. Made of high-density polymers with 4 mm depth, it is very resistant and will be easily put away in your carryall.

Besides, to assure the colors stability in time, the XpoGrey exposure card is guaranteed with no optical bleaching agents and with neutral pH.


Etui de protection

• A black and opaque suitable flex case is provide with each Scuadra XpoGrey exposure card. It protects it and keeps it away from light when not in use (stability of the shades in time).

Focus Target

• To help focusing, a target is present on the exposure card. Its dimensions are defined to not altering the measurement of the medium grey area. Whatever the targeted zone of this 18% area is, the exposure provided is optimum.

Inches and centimeters scales

• Two size scales (one in centimeters, the other in inches) are present on the exposure card. They give a useful referential for different kinds of photographic works. Only the centimeters scale is available on XpoGrey Compact.


Scuadra XpoGrey characteristics

Dimensions XpoGrey Medium: 180x115 mm (7.1x4.5 inches).
Dimensions XpoGrey Compact: 90x55 mm (3.5x2.2 inches).
Depth: 4 mm.
No optical bleaching agents and neutral pH.

Total exposure control (18% grey and levels).
Hard polymers support 4 mm depth.
Individually measured (With Lab values*).
Suitable flex case (protect and secure).

* XpoGrey Medium only




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