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Custom iCC profile

An ICC profile is an only several kilo octets data which describing all the colors that can be read by scanners. It permits to determine his performance and his optimum rendering whatever his own characteristics are.


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As for our printing profiles, our scanners ICC profiles are created with the last version of ProfileMaker from Gretagmacbeth , world reference of color management software.

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ICC Target

Numerizing the target need to follow several specific instructions. These instructions can be downloaded here at pdf format.

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   Custom Scanner iCC Profile

As for the others elements in the graphic chain, scanners doesn’t rendering accurately colors of digitalized data. But as for screens or printers, they are characterisable: they can have their own personalized ICC profile for optimal color rendering.

Scanners the most widely used are flat scanners which measuring the reflected light of an object (most of the time a printing or a data) to obtain a digitalized version.

That’s for this kind of scanners that we propose your custom profile.

Scanner and Scan Target

Characteristics of a scanner

To obtain an accurate scan, two parameters should be respected: characteristics of the light source, and of the sensor.

Light and sensor

The light source should be able to create illumination on the entire visible light spectrum. It should be able to produce during the scan a light equivalent to the one in which the scanned subject will be observed.

No worry to have concerning your hardware, this characteristic is included with every flat scanner since numerous years.

Second element: the sensor which record reflected light. If sensors in digital camera are sensitive to the three main colors of light (red, green and blue), it’s not the case with optical sensor in scanners.

By the way, most of these optical sensors have their own characteristics according to their trademark and their model. Then, if you think to the differences in the resolution when numerizing, coinciding colors between a scanned data and your own perception isn’t an easy thing.

Even efforts of the manufacturers to improve scanners pilots, representation of scanned data is coinciding rarely with the perception you have of it. Obviously, on color management, scanners are peripherals as the others: characterisable and compatible with colorimetric profiles.


Comparison test between standard & custom profile


Essential tool to help profile creation : the Scuadra Scan Target

Scuadra Scan Target

This target is printed on photographic paper according to a specific process carefully controlled. It is composed with 300 colored patches that cover a set of colors at different brightness.

Scanning the target and compare it with a reference data* permit to create a personalized ICC profile to your scanner. (it is essential to follow the provided instructions).

* The reference data contain the spectral information of each colored patch on the entire visible light spectrum by 10nm cut. The new created profile is effective whatever the kind of light or sensor is.


iCC Profile Creation for Scanners

As already told, representation of scanned data is coinciding rarely with our perception. It is very easy to prevent this non-coinciding with scanner characterization with the help of a custom iCC profile. The process is simple:

ICC profile creation for scanner

1. On following the provided instructions, you numerize with your flat scanner a target composed of colored patches,

2. By email, you send us the result of the scan on tif data,

3. "What is” is then compared at “What it should be”: the reference data,

4. From this comparison is created an ICC profile containing all information about the colorimetric setting of your scanner. This profile is send to you by email.

Find more details about the process at the “Flat scanner profile” shop section.





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