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ICC Profile Gamut

An ICC profile is an only several kilo octets data which describing all the colors that can be reproduce by peripherals as screens or printers or scanners.



ICC Profile target

A custom profile permits to establish the performance and the optimum rendering of a printer if it is used with a precise kind of printing ink and paper.
The use of a custom profile permits to eliminate ink and paper loss, and to not occurring on the printing pilot.



   Good to know

Custom iCC Profile

A custom profile is necessarily with better quality and better optimized than those provided by papers and photo printers manufacturers.

Bon à savoir


   Black & White

Match from monitor to printer

On black and white printing, the use of custom profiles permits to neutralize grey axis, to adjust grey scale on white paper one’s and to reduce metamerism, colored dominants or colored swings.

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   Custom Printers iCC Profiles

Processing and postproduction of digital pictures make accessible more than ever to colors management and using of personalized profiles with printing peripherals.

Among many pros, their use permits notably accurate printings to originals data, an optimum rendering quality since the first edition and significant reduction of printing ink loss and so paper loss.


Printer Calibrating

Create a custom profile with a printer means to calibrate this printer. It means to analyze its performance to print each color with the correct tint, in the correct luminance and particularly with the right ink quantity projected onto paper.

ICC Target Mesure

This process consists in printing several patches. High is the quantity of patch, better and accurate will be the profile. Each measured patch is individually analyzed according different criteria: tint, saturation, luminance, dmax, optical bleaching agents on the paper or not, color temperature, inking rate.

When the color chart is analyzed, measured data will create a profile, which permit an optimum using of the printer:

  • Every printable color are known and standardized

  • Gradations are regular and don’t show any break tone

  • Colored dominant risks have disappeared


Understanding the "printer/ink/paper" combination

ICC Profils workflow

It is important to know that a custom iCC profile is create with a specific and unique "printer/ink/paper" combination. If one of these parameters is change, profile won’t be adapted and it will be necessary to use another profile intended to the new combination.

You may have to create several ones with your printer, as many times as one of these parameters will change.

For example, if you print yours pictures on colors with dull paper and with bright paper, you will need a profile for the "printer model/printing ink/dull paper" combination and another profile for the “print model/printing ink/ bright paper” combination.

Pour rappel, sachez que les Profils sur mesure sont compatibles avec les principaux systèmes d'exploitation (Mac, PC) et  avec les technologies jet d'encre, sublimation thermique ou dye ink.


Manufacturers profiles case: be careful with your printings

Manufacturers Profiles

Many paper and printer manufacturers provide their own profiles. They are called “generics profiles” or “manufacturers profiles”. The disadvantage of these profiles is that they are too generalist to be of good quality. Create to suit in most situations, their efficiency is most of the time not as far as it should be.

It is very hard to know their own characteristics and their level quality like, for example, the most important: the colored patches quantity and the kind of the gauging devices which help to create them. In the best situation (it is the case of a prestigious high quality paper trademark), their color chart doesn’t exceed 900 patches… a bit short for such quality support.

In the practice, a Scuadra profile especially create for your own hardware will always give better visual results on quality and colors accuracy.




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