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Do not sharp your images. This step is carried out prior to printing. Indeed, the sharpening process must consider the type of media selected and be optimized for it.





If your file size seems too small to achieve the desired print size, send us your file, rather than artificially increase its size in your editing software.



   FTP Access

Fichiers Images

For reprints of your needs, know that all your files are stored on our secure server for 12 months. For images already buyed that you are satisfied, there is no need to send us your files to make new prints.





Your prints are delivered to you within 48 hours. We are hyper sensitive to transport conditions of your work: they are very carefully protected.

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Secure Paiment & 100% Satisfaction

   Technical recommendations: prepare your files

Here are the technical information about preparing your files. Thank you to respect at best. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone if necessary.

1. Accepted file types are jpg and tiff. Thank you to follow the recommendations for each type.

Max Size.

12 Mo

80 Mo


Max. Quality


ICC Profile*



Colour Mode






* It is essential to incorporate an ICC color profile to each image. The profile associated with the image depends on the source of it (scanner, digital camera, SLR ...). Adobe98 and Prophoto are mentioned only as examples.

For example, if your original file is a RAW, it is advisable to register it with a ProPhoto ICC profile. This will preserve the color and gradient quality of the original RAW file.


2. Dimensions in cm of your image files JPG or TIF format must be exactly your final draft.

For example, if you wish to order a print of 30x45 cm, it will be necessary in your editing software to resize your file to 30x45 cm (Photoshop> Image> Image Size> Document Size).

If necessary, do not forget to include possible margins, but more importantly, without exceeding the final format of the drawing (30x45 cm in our example).

Dimension Fichier Image

NOTE : when sending your file, if you want us to resizing, simply fill in the field "comment".


3. According to their print size, the ideal resolution image files is calculated by the ratio 'viewing distance / size of the print. "

The resolutions of the table are provided for guidance. It is important to get closer but not essential to achieve them. If in doubt, send us your original file rather than to artificially increase its size in a program like Photoshop. Optimally, we will perform for you the task of resizing (also called interpolation).

Format du tirage dpi* resolution
20 x 20 cm


20 x 30 cm


30 x 30 cm


30 x 45 cm


40 x 40 cm


40 x 60 cm


*DPI (Dot Per Inch)


4. Name your image files.

To optimize the processing of your order, all images must be named as: "name-image_size_paper.jpg. If for example you want to order a portrait on Harman Photo Gloss FB Al in a 40x60 cm paper size, you can name your file "caroline_40x60_HPGFBAL.jpg.


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