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   "Terms and Conditions"


1- Generality 9- Limitation of responsability
2- Protection of site and copyright 10. Spare clause of property
3- Order 11- Transport and delivery
4- Prices 12- Force majeure
5- Délays and shipment 13- Guaranteed
6- Payment 14- Modification of service
7- Claim 15- Juridiction and applicable right
8- Responsability of the user 16- Lawful Informations




By entering on the site, you accept terms and conditions which follow as user of services and products sold by Scuadra. Any purchase or any order crossed to Scuadra, implicates the acceptance of the present general terms which the client knew.
The present general terms are formed of the entirety of the text below. Scuadra reserves the right to change these modalities any time without having to inform of it these visitors or these clients. Applicable conditions will be those in force on the site at the time of the validation of order.
The simple fact for the user to order a product in application on conditions dress rehearsal of sales of Scuadra, will be worth definitive and final consent on behalf of the client on all dispositions appearing there.
All our sales are subjected to the present general terms and predominate over any particular condition of purchase of the clients. Except express acceptance on behalf of Scuadra, the general terms of purchase of the clients are not liable to tax to it.

Property of the site: the site is the property of the society Seesun in its totality, as well as all there accruing rights. Any reproduction, entire or partial, is forbidden except express and prior permission of Seesun.


2-Protection of the site and copyright

The whole contents of the site is protected by legislation on the copyright. Scuadra is a registered and protected domain name and can make the object of no use by persons foreign to Scuadra.

In accordance with texts and dispositions governing rights, literary and artistic rights of possession and/or right neighbours, reproduction, representation and usage of all or part elements composing the site for aims others than deprived are forbidden without written permission of the editor of the site. Pictures and texts broadcast on this site are the exclusive property of Scuadra and are possible be downloaded, broadcast, stocked, recorded, reused, broadcast, changed and used under no circumstances more generally for other aims or in another way than those expressly mentioned in presents, without the prior written agreement of the editor of the site. Otherwise, the offender runs the risk of chases judicial.

Law accuses as the offence of counterfeiting any reproduction, representation or broadcasting, whatever means it is, of a work of mind in violation of the rights of the author, such as they are defined and regulated by law (CPI, art L.335-3).


3- Order

All benefits which are entrusted to us must be accompanied with an order form notably including complete co-ordinates, addresses of invoicing and of delivery as well as for societies n ° of VAT intracommunautaire. All request of intervention on site by written, telephone or electronic ways is worth order.

In case of order following an estimate or a bill pro-formed emanating from Scuadra, the number and the date of the estimate will have to be taken back on the order form. Particular conditions specified on the estimate will be then reputed accepted.

The systems of automatic recording are considered as worth proof of nature and of contents of order. Scuadra confirms the acceptance of the order to the client at the address e-mail which this one will have announced. Sale will be concluded as from validation by Scuadra from the payment of order that is to say of the date of validation of the payment for online regulated orders by bank card or the date of reception of the cashless regulations or by cheque. Scuadra saves right in any case to refuse or to cancel any order of a client with whom would exist a disagreement relating to the payment of a previous order.

Price is expressed in Euro and all taxes included. The price pointed out on chips produced does not include the transport. The price pointed out in the confirmation of order is the final price, expressed all taxes included for France and countries of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. This price includes the price of products, the expenses of handling, of packing and of conservation of products, the transport charges, expenses of insurance and of putting in operation. Price is payable cash, the day of the confirmation of order.

The payment is made:

- by bank card carrying acronym CB, online. Paypal allows you to regulate via a banking server in a reassured environment. Votre N of bank card are therefore run to the servers of the bank, your regulations is directly made to a bank in an environment reassured without passing by the server of the boutique, guarantee all the more important as your N are only known to our banking partner.

Order will be automatically cancelled and the client told by email in the event if the centres of banking payment concerned will have refused to give their consent. Scuadra set up a procedure of check and of request of supplementary information to the client, intended to be sure that the user of the bank card is his holder. The implementation of this procedure, which could be considered to be a guarantee against any fraudulent use of bank card nor hire the responsibility of Scuadra, postpones the validation of the payment up to the exit of the procedure of check. She will be able to drive to the cancellation of order.

- by cheque : Cheques are to establish in the order of Emmanuel Lafont and to send at following address:

Residence Pascal
403 Les Lavandes
33520 Bruges France

The performed payments could not be considered as being of deposits. Any delay of payment draws away by right the payability of interests of delay corresponding one and a half time the rate of lawful interest.


4- Prices

Prices are expressed in euro and can be any time changed. The changed rates will not apply to ongoing orders or to estimates from less than 1 month to the date of valuable change.


5- Delays, availability and expedition of products

Scuadra will not be able to be kept representative for overtakings of caused by delay either in a case of force majeure, or in an incident or independent accident of the will.

Concerning the orders of profiles ICC, these are accomplished and transmitted to the client by electronic way (e-mail) or on cd or dvd if this one applies for it. Expenses of expedition will be supported by client.

Scuadra is not responsible for faults and delays which are the fact of networks of telecommunications either fact of a case admitted of force majeure, or the fact of other people, or resulting from use by the user of an equipment not adapted to the characteristics of service.

All delays announced on the site agree in working days (except Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays). Every chip produces point out:

Let be presence in supply of the concerned product: indication "in supply" corresponds to the state of the supply to Scuadra at the time of order, that is a delay of availability: the delay of availability corresponds to the delay of supply in supply to Scuadra. This delay is announced by the supplier and/or the producer of the product and varies according to the type of product, that is mention "pre-command": the concerned products are new products announced by the supplier and/or the producer, without date known of availability, that is mention "break": the product is momentarily unavailable to our suppliers.

Orders are treated, prepared and sent, that is to say delayed to our conveyor, within 24/48 hours as from: the reception of the product by Scuadra, as for products in availability, the validation of the payment by the client when he is accomplished by online bank card or the reception of the cashless accomplished regulations or by cheque, as for products in supply at the time of this validation or reception.

The reception of products by Scuadra, when these become really available to the supplier, as for products in pre-order.

Generally, orders are treated after validation of the payment when they are regulated online by bank card or in reception by Scuadra of the regulations when the client chose cashless regulations or by cheque. Indications "in supply" and the delays of availability are likely to vary between the date of order and, according to case, date of validation of the regulations by bank card or the date of reception of the transfer or of the cheque. The delays of availability are moreover touchy of modification on the initiative of the supplier and/or of the producer. In such cases, the delays of availability will be those in force at the time of the validation of the payment by bank card or at the time of the reception of the transfer or of the cheque.

In case of unavailability of products :

* final unavailability : Scuadra s' urges to offer to the client of the articles of replacement or to reimburse him the missing articles, without delay and at the latest in 30 days in accordance with the dispositions of the article L121-20-3 of the Code of consumption,indisponibilité définitive,

* temporary unavailability : Scuadra informs the client of date in which the product will be once again available. The client has then the possibility of supporting his order with these new delays or of cancel it. In the latter case, Scuadra promises to reimburse the missing articles without delay and at the latest in 30 days in accordance with the dispositions of the article L121-20-3 of the Code of consumption. Expeditions for DOM-TOM will become subject to acceptance of the package in hold.


6- Payment

Except detailed particular conditions below, the payment is made in euro and cash in cash, cheque, transfer or bank card. No discount is granted for payment or cash. In case of delay of payment, the client promises to pay in Scuadra a penalty of delay calculated with an equal interest for one and a half time the lawful rate of interest in force in expiry date.
For benefits accomplished with hindsight, the payment is beforehand made in order or at the latest with the dispatch of charters ICC by mail way. He is made in euro by cheque, transfer or bank card. No discount will be granted for preliminary payment. For benefits accomplished on site, the payment takes place in euro and cash by cheque, kinds. No discount will be granted for payment cash.


7- Claim

In accordance with the dispositions of articles L.121-20 and following of the Code of consumption, the client has of 7 days as from the date of delivery to turn the product in his packing of origin for replacement or refund. Return will be accepted only if the product was not deconditioned / used. Products sold under blister or provided with a tag of guarantee must have gone back to the state. Any return must imperatively be preceded of the attribution of a number of retractation got in 0556578989 and to have gone back to following address :

Residence Pascal Triat
403 Les Lavandes
33520 Bruges France

In defect, the package will be refused. Refund will intervene in 30 days according to date in which the client exercised his right to retraction (L121-20-1 article of the Code of consumption).

Any claim must take place in 72 hours according to delivery desmarchandises. Alone cases of visible vice or of nonconformity in order will be able to give rise to claim. Any job of edition of profile making the object of a protest must be immediately signalled and the accused elements must have gone back to us at the farthest 72 h after delivery.


8- Responsibility of the user

The client admits that Scuadra cannot be implicated directly or indirectly to have accomplished benefit for a subsequent use. The responsibility of Scuadra cannot be hired beyond what expressly suited in the present document.
In the case of an including order one or several profiles ICC, the client is alone responsible for result, produced by him, of the quality of the impression of charter ICC.
Scuadra draws the attention of the client to the necessity to respect the instructions of impression of charter ICC, explanation issued in help rubric and conditions of use of profiles ICC (notably by working on a screen calibrated and characterised). However, the instructions of impression of charters icc with the aim of the edition of profiles are given only for information only. Scuadra could not be tnu for representative for wrong or erroneous information in instructions of impression of charters or in rubric "help" the site.
It is therefore the responsibility of the user to enquire and to form in the rêgles of the management of colours in computer science, of the use of profiles and of the numerical photograph. Scuadra answers voluntarily questions relating to these domains but could not give trainings or monitorings harming the functioning of Scuadra.

The transmission of files and files put in disposition on Scuadra is not protected or scrambled. The user admits being perfectly informed about it and agrees to download / take delivery these files under his whole responsibility.


9- Limitation of responsibility

Information given on the site, photographs, chips products, prices are given for information only. Scuadra tries hard to look after the accuracy of information introduced on the site. Errors likely to have got are there fortuitous and are rectified as soon as possible. The responsibility of Scuadra could not be implicated for simple errors or omissions which would have been able to remain in spite of all precautions taken in the presentation of products. The same is true for the possible modifications of products decided by the producers.
In accordance with texts in force, Scuadra is not responsible for nonperformance or for bad execution of the contract which would be attributable either to the consumer, or to the insurmountable and unforeseen fact of a third in the contract or in a major case of force.

Scuadra guarantees the good functioning of his matèriel (matèriel and software) and as a result the accuracy of accomplished profiles. Scuadra cannot be kept responsible for results non-correspondent to waitings of the client because of a not respect for procedures and for rules relating to the management of colours and to the manipulation of the numerical pictures. If the client has no necessary knowledge in in work of accomplished profiles, Scuadra cannot be kept representative there.
The realisation of a profile linked to an element given by the client but including errors of regulatings am not owed in Scuadra. At the end of proof, Scuadra keeps all documents transmitted by the client, about what he is informed and that he accepts by signing an order form. Any accused profile must be revoyé by the client and will be replaced with a new measure accomplished on the same printing or from the same file.

The responsibility of Scuadra, in case of loss, flight or deterioration, even complete, for whatever reason it is, before, during or after the execution of jobs as well as during their transport, is limited to value, to rate producer of given support (negative, films, CD or DVD, virgin paper or other support) in the day of the disaster.

Under no circumstances and under any condition Scuadra am not possible be kept representative for existent distances between the accomplished printing and the wishes of the client.


10- Spare clause of property

In a general way and in accordance with the dispositions of the law of May 12th, 1980, the goods and material or insubstantial results of benefits accomplished by Scuadra remain its full and whole property up to complete payment of bills. In case of nonperformance of the obligations by the client, whatever is reason, Scuadra will be entitled to demand the immediate restitution of products in expenses, risks and dangers of the client.
After delivery and before complete payment, the client is however representative for the goods and benefits for which he supports risks and that are the guarantee of Scuadra


11- Transport and deliveries

The postage of the dispatches of the goods is calculated on the basis of the mail rates in force the day of expedition; rates in which are topped up various expenses of treatment and of packing of the goods.

Packages are generally sent in 48 h after reception of your payment. The mode of standard expedition is coherent Colissimo, delayed without signature. If you wish a delivery with signature, an additional cost is applied, thank you for contacting us. Whatever is the chosen mode of expedition, we will give you as soon as possible a link which will allow you to follow online the delivery of your package.

Expenses of expedition include packing, handling and mail expenses. They can contain a fixed part and a variable part according to price or to weight of your order. We recommend you to regroup your purchases in an only order. We cannot put together two distinct orders and you will have to fulfil expenses of harbour for each of them. Your package is sent at your own risks, a particular care is brought in the package containing fragile products. Packages are oversize and protected.

The delivery of orders is accomplished by independent contractors of the society Scuadra and for the delays announced by these contractors. Delays announced by these contractors are habitually of 48-72h for the packages of less than 30 kg and more than 72 h for the packages of more than 30 kg.

To signal to Scuadra any difficulty linked to delivery, the client has a monitoring of online, accessible order free via the detail of order, as well as telephone number allowing to reach the advisers customers +33 (0)5 56 57 89 89.

Scuadra promises to ensure so that orders are delivered in 30 days of the validation of the regulations by online bank card or of the reception of the cashless regulations or by cheque. The conveyor promises as for him, against contract with Scuadra, to deliver order at the purchaser given by Scuadra.
Besides, for deliveries out of underground France, the client promises to regulate all taxes due to the importation of products, customs duties, tax on the added value, and all other owed taxes by virtue of the laws of the country of reception of order. All orders crossed in Scuadra are intended for the personal usage of the clients, clients or addressees of products refrain from any partial or complete resale of products. Scuadra could not be kept for representative for the defect of settlement of taxes in the payment of which is kept the client.

In Underground France, delivery will be performed by post there colissimo followed. In the countries of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY, deliveries are performed by post there coherent colissimo Europe or in Chronopost according to the choice of the client. Deliveries out of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY are performed by the international postal services or Chronopost according to the choice of the client. For reasons of availability, an order can be several times delivered there.

Whatever is the place of delivery, this one is performed in the time slot envisaged with the client by the direct delivery of the product to the addressee announced, or in case of absence, to another person authorised with this effect by the client. In the absence of every addressee, a calling card is left at delivery. Possible expenses of representations are supported by client. The client is required to check products during reception. In case of damage, he must mention his reservations accurately on the delivery note, and iterate them to the conveyor by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in three (3) days of delivery in accordance with the dispositions of the article L.133-3 of the Commercial law. He must besides inform Scuadra by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt of any damage caused by to the transport in eight (8) days according to reception. No claim will be accepted in case of failure to observe of these formalities.

Scuadra will be clear, in any case, of the obligation to deliver in case of :

* survenance of a case of force majeure such as notably war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents and impossibility of being supplied,
* nonperformance by the client of the one any of her obligations (payment of price, accuracy of information announced by the client such as the address of delivery).


12- Force majeure

Cases of force majeure, besides those habitually kept by legal provisions and case law, blockage of telecommunications, blockage of Internet, breakdown are considered to be constituent notably of the equipment broadcasting service, fire, flood damage, blockage of means of transport or of supply, complete or partial strike the breakdowns of electricity.


13- Guaranteed

Concerning the creation of profiles ICC made to order, the acceptance by Scuadra of a charter ICC printed with the aim of its treatment and of the creation of a profile iICC agrees under guarantee of respect for the instructions of impression of charters given ICC or of adaptation to a particular usage.
Scuadra envisages a second expedition of an order, according to following conditions: if the system of monitoring shows that order was not delivered within week, after its expedition (except case of force majeure).

All technical articles benefit, to the constructor, to a contractual guarantee of one year minimum. Some are guaranteed 2 years or more (see in the detailed description of every article). Extensions of guarantees are valid only in Underground France and in Corsican.

Any return will have to be preceded of the prior agreement of Scuadra and the attribution of a number back. Returns must imperatively be addressed in:

Residence Pascal
403 Les Lavandes
33520 Bruges France

Failing prior agreement, failing attribution of a number back or in case of dispatch at quite other address of Scuadra, the goods will have gone back to the client cash on delivery. The turned products will have to be accompanied with their packing of origin.

In any hypothesis, the client benefits from the lawful guarantee of hidden vices (Art.1626 1626 and following of the Civil code). Provided that the purchaser shows hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all consequences (art.1641 1641 and following of the civil code).

Are excluded from any guarantee:

* Uses and discussions not correspondent to the note of job delayed with the product as well as the defects of use or of maintenance,
* Deterioration due to an error of manipulation, of linking (that it is accomplished with the accessories of origin or with other accessories substituted by the client), in an abnormal or excessive use, in a calculated or accidental physical modification, in an use for professional or commercial aims,
* The spare or secondary parts from which replacement results from their normal wear, or from operations of common maintenance: bulbs, batteries, on joints, etc ...
Transport charges and expenses of modification of the apparatus, in case of recall by the constructor for defect of series,od damage, etc),
* Interventions performed on the apparatus by every person not delegated by After-sales service as well as consecutive dysfunctions and deterioration in such intervention.


14- Modification of service

Scuadra reserves the right to change the modalities of service any time. Any use of the site after modifications of modalities implicates that the user accepts modifications and promises to respect them.
The present conditions, in their wholeness, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with laws and dispositions in force in France. Any accruing action on the present conditions must be taken by the user within three months.

Any claim will have to be addressed in:

SEESUN (siret: 493 056 345 00017 )
Rés. Pascal Triat
403 Les Lavandes
33 520 BRUGES France

Tel: +33(0) 5 56 57 89 89 /// Fax: 09 58 71 97 33


15- Attribution of jurisdiction and applicable right

In case different or of protest, the client will address his claims to Scuadra in 48 hours afterwards survenance of event by registered letter with opinion of reception.
In case no amicable solution would be found, litigation will be the exclusive competence of jurisdiction in who Scuadra has its seat. The present contract is subjected to French law.


16- Lawful Information

Information of names relating to the client is necessary for the treatment and the transportation of orders, the establishment of bills and contracts of guarantee. The defect of information draws away the not validation of order.

In accordance with law "Computer science and Freedom", the processing of information of names relating to the clients made the object of a statement to the National Committee of Computer science and to Freedom (CNIL).
The client has (article 34 of the law of January 6th, 1978) a right of access, of modification, of correction and of abolition of the data which concern him, that he can exercise to Scuadra. Besides, Scuadra promises not to announce, free or with counterpart, the co-ordinates of its clients to a third. Consult our policy of confidentiality for more ample information.


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