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Individually Measured

All patches of the card are measured using a spectrophotometer. The measurements are reported back in the Lab space, sRGB and ProPhoto AdobeRGB98

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   Multi format

For digital and film images

The ColorMix card is easy to use for both film and digital images (tif, jpg or raw).


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   Color Reference Card

The ColorMix card is a reference color tool consisting of 21 colored RVB/CMYK patches and 7 neutral gray scale patches.

Its main feature is to bring a specific set of known color values ​​(ranges of skin tones, foliage or blue sky) or references :

- Red - Green - Blue patches (RGB)
- Cyan-Magenta-Yellow(CMYK)
- Neutral Grey Scale

Each patch is measured with a spectrophotometer and the values are transferred back for L.a.b., Adobe RGB98, sRGB and ProPhoto spaces.


Scuadra ColorMix

Control Color Your Images

Effective in all shooting conditions, the patches of the Colormix card reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum. Perfectly matte finish, ColorMix facilitates its use and measurement accuracy (no reflection).

Include the ColorMix card in your shots you can for example :

- Use an objective standard reference for determining the right colors of your images
- Easy reference colors for easy post-production (checking and adjusting all color settings)
- Validate the proper exposure of images using the neutral gray scale
- Efficiently reproduce work of art

Scuadra ColorMix Scuadra Colormix


Professional Quality

Each ColorMix is made in a strict standards required of every color and color range is reproduced in a particularly precise. ColorMix can also be used in digital photography, in film or video. It is today a reference chart among the best performing market and can be used by amateur photographers, as experts or professionals.

The dimensions of the ColorMix card are 115x180 mm. Composed of a high density polymer with 4 mm thick, it is solid and will easily find its place in your camera bag.

Colorimetric Values

• Color values​​: to facilitate the use of the charter ColorMix, each range of color is measured spectrophotometrically. Values ​​are reported back in four color spaces most used in photography: Lab spaces, sRGB and ProPhoto AdobeRGB98.

Inches and centimeters scaless

• Scales in inches and centimeters : two scales, one inches the other in centimeters, can have a reference very useful in certain situations Shooting.

Protection Case

Dedicated protection case to conserve ColorMix colored patches over time, each chart is accompanied by a protective case. Particularly thick, it will allow ColorMix to easily find its place in a tote.

Neutral gray scale

Neutral gray scale : the range of 7 colors, from white to black, adjusts the color balance of neutral tones and validate the correct exposure images. For example, light gray indicate a burned-adrenal exposure, black capped under-exposure.


ColorMix Card Features

Dimensions : 115x180 mm with protection case
Rigid polymer support 4 mm thick
Individually measured with spectrophotometer (values​listed on the back)

Product Advantages

21 colored patches RGB & CMYK + neutral gray scale
Colored patches values in 4 color spaces
Inches and centimeters scale




Order Scuadra ColorMix

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