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The TrueColors white balance card is neutral grey. When shooting, if the white balance of your camera is rough, this neutral grey referential can be used as a target and permits to correct any color deviation, even minor.

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   3 sizes available

3 sizes available

To satisfy any kind of photographers, whatever their photography practice can be, the Scuadra TrueColors White Balance card is declined in three complementary sizes. The S and M formats can be easily store in a carryall.

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You can download above an original raw file whith TrueColors for a white balance correction attempt with your color management software.


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   Scuadra TrueColors White Balance Card

The Scuadra TrueColors white balance card is a neutral grey card intended to guarantee a perfect white balance on digital photography. It is used on shot to reproduce the REAL COLORS of the scene or the photographed subject on pictures postproduction.


About "White Balancing"


Compact and SLR digital cameras use an automatic functioning measurement of the white balance, with presetting (sun, flash, cloudy, tungsten…) indeed a manual setting of color temperature.

If in “usual” shot conditions the automatic functioning measurement is enough, it shows easily its limits when perfect color rendering is required, or if shooting in difficult light conditions. (Several light sources mixed, for example).

Whatever the trademark or the kind of camera is, white balance settings are rough from their design and the colorimetric reproduction of pictures still perfective.


White Balance


Pros of the use of a neutral grey referent

When in doubt, or failure of the automatic functioning measurement, or in a context requiring accuracy, the Scuadra TrueColors white balance card always permits to have a certified neutral referent to guarantee the photographed colors accuracy.
The use of this card is easy. On postproduction with correction software, targeting the card to automatically correct and reproduce the proper white balance. An educational guide is available in "Support" pages.

Individually Measured

• To guarantee a perfect neutrality, each card is gauged with spectrophotometer. The results are expressed on "L.a.b" values.

• Values are written on the backside. "L" expresses lightness, "a" expresses the red/green axis and "b" expresses the yellow/blue axis.

Body tinted

• Body tinted HD polymers, the Scuadra TrueColors white balance card is especially UV stable and can’t be folded up.

• Waterproof, it can be used as well under the rain as under water (submarine or pool photography).

Stand vertically

• The Scuadra TrueColors white balance card can stand vertically with a single pen. No more accessories needed.

• A lanyard with clip is provided with each card. Convenient, it permits to keep it with you when shooting.


Scuadra TrueColors White Balance card characteristics

Dimensions: S (9x5,3 cm) ; M (15,5x9,1 cm) ; L (20,2x29,5 cm)
Depth: 3 mm tinted
Lanyard: 53 cm with clip
Individually measured

Body tinted - UV treated - Very folding resistant



Each Scuadra TrueColors White Balance card is provided with its lanyard, its case and its storage bag. When using the Scuadra TrueColors White Balance card, you find on one mouse click with your color management software a perfect white balance and accurate colors.




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