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Adaptable Hood

The LightShield V2 is adaptable with most of LCD and CRT panoramic screens from 20 to 30’’. The LightShield 20-24" is from 43 to 56 cm wide, the LightShield 24-30" is from 55 to 69 cm wide.



iMac Compatible

LightShield V2 is compatible as well with the old as the last batch of iMac 1,5 and 27’’ with a 16/9 screen.

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   Deep Black

Antiglare foam

The inside of the Scuadra LightShield hood is completely covered with an antiglare foam especially black, so really glare absorbing.



Reducing Eyestrain

As a logical result of a best quality display, the use of this antiglare screen hood reduces eyestrain in a significant manner.


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   LightShield V2 Screen Hood           NEW VERSION

In your working area, it is essential that your working conditions must be the best and the most comfortable it can be. Thus, the daylight can modify the colors rendering on the screen.

Actually, all kinds of glares from outdoor or indoor can disturb the display and the accuracy of retouched pictures. The LightShield V2 screen hood sets the problem.

LightShield V2

Reducing glares on the screen

Daylight or mood lighting can create glares that modify the quality of the details and the colors accuracy of the screen, especially with the details’ content in the lowlights of pictures. The LightShield V2 screen hood is a high quality and professional solution to eliminate glares on the screen.

Without and With LightShield V2
Without and with LightShield V2


Professional quality and adaptable

Dimensions LightShield

Scuadra LightShield Version 2

Spectrophotomètre et LightShield

Scuadra LightShield V2

• A smart system let sliding the sides to adapt it on the screen wide. LightShield V2 is adapted on every 20 to 30’’ LCD or CRT panoramic screens.

• With the suppression of every potential light sources, the lightproof is increased (the screen hood fit perfectly on any kind of screen).

• The inside of the LightShield V2 screen hood is completely covered with antiglare foam. Deep black and very dull, this foam absorbs most of the incident light from the display and stops the reflected light of the working area.

• With a 15 cm depth, the LightShield V2 can be easily put on your screen or removed.


News features of the V2 :

• A hole to fit cables on the top of the hood is now available on the LightShield V2: you just have to remove the protection cap to fit the USB cable of the screen gauge or the spectrophotometer to calibrate the screen.

• An easiest installation of the product: scratch fixation disappears to double-face attaching system. No other element or accessory is needed: the LightShield V2 can be put or removed really easily.

• A new packaging for a better protection of the LightShield during shipping or casing.

• Instructions in 4 simple steps: clearer, with less text and more schemes.


Reducing eye strain and electric consumption

On top of noticing a real improvement of the display further to the installation of the LightShield V2 screen hood, we observe that the comfort bring by this product has for logical result a relief of the observation and the display.

Réduction Stress Oculaire

Actually, one of the others pros of this product is a noticeable reduction of the eye strain. With glares reducing, the tiredness provoked by long time working on the computer screen is appreciably decreased.

Economie d'énergie

LightShield V2 also reduces power consumption monitors by reducing the brightness of the display screen: significant reduction of energy costs.

Initially designed to photographers, LightShield V2 is eventually recommended to anyone who spends a long time on his computer screen (image editing, video editing, digital drawing, playing video games).




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